Join our community, start accepting Pixie straight away

No contracts or hidden costs. Just select the best basic membership for your independent business. All Pixie hardware is a one-off purchase with no recurring fees, and our POS app is free to use, so you only pay for the transactions you process. Check out our price list below.

Market traders

£5 per month + VAT

Best for mobile businesses* that don't have a shop front, but want to be part of the Pixie community

Bricks & mortar

£19 per month + VAT

For independent businesses* with a physical location. If you have more than one local business get in touch.

Transaction fees

Here's what we'll charge per transaction – no hidden fees.

First month
Pixie transactions


Pixie's unique and 100% dedicated cashback scheme for independent businesses puts you in control.

Minimum contribution


Pixie Terminal

From £99
Excl. VAT

A standalone terminal with wifi and 3g capability that gives you the ability to take a Pixie payment through a single device.

Pixie Pad

From £49
Excl. VAT

Connect your smartphone or tablet to take Pixie payments through the small and mobile Pixie Pad.

General questions

Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees.

Do I need to enter my payment details to sign up?

No. You can sign up and use Pixie for 30 days without entering your payment details. At the end of your trial you will need to pick a plan and enter your payment details.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that Pixie isn’t the best platform for your business, simply cancel your account.

How long are your contracts?

All Pixie plans are month to month.

Can I change my plan later on?

We have one basic plan depending on what type of business you are. You can add additional apps to your plan which you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Where can I buy a Pixie terminal or Pixie Pad?

You can buy a Pixie terminal or Pixie Pad from your account portal.

What does the Pixie Go app do?

Pixie Go is an application for iOS and Android devices that you can download for free from your app store so you can take Pixie contactless payments using the Pixie Pad device.

Do you I have to offer a cashback percentage?

Yes. We believe the only way to create a scheme that makes a difference across our communities is by independent businesses working together. .

Do I have to accept Pixie-Pay to be part of Pixie?

Yes, you do. Being part of Pixie means you are part of a community of like-minded people and businesses coming together to create a world where we can all thrive.