Pixie Explorers

Everyday people living a more local & rewarding life

Pixie Explorers know the value of a world based on localism, where small replaces scale, slow replaces fast and the many replace the few so that they help to create a world based on quality, relationships & experiences.

Pixie Explorers represent our ideology of living life as a citizen who is part of the world and not as a consumer detached from it. We’re proud to have them as part of our community — and know that no matter where they are in the world, they strive to live a more local life epitomising the values that the team hold ourselves to at Pixie.

Greg Barden

Known as ChiefExplorer but is also our CEO and Founder. Aside from often being found working from an independent cafe with a mug of coffee or tea, Greg loves to explore new communities and takes a lot of delight in discovering even the best hidden Indies (quite often a country pub) that he likes to share (extensively) with the Pixie team.