Pledge to Spend

With so many of our independent businesses relying on us visiting them this time of year, this latest lockdown just before Christmas couldn’t come at a worse time for them in what has already been an unprecedented year.

However, as we saw back in our first lockdown there is a real love and support for our independent businesses from community members, who know we must do what we can to help the people and businesses we love to get through this.

#PledgetoSpends aim is simple - to directly support our local community of independent businesses by asking our community members to pledge to spend in them by buying a voucher through Pixie today.

For the remaining time we find ourselves in lockdown, we want to challenge each and every Pixie explorer to pledge to spend in any one of their favourite independent businesses on Pixie. By pledging you’re simply buying a voucher that you will be able to redeem at that business and where 100% of every pound pledged will be received by the business (minus Loyalty %) helping them to pay their bills and get ready for Christmas.

By doing this we’re directly supporting our local businesses with our £££. But we can go further. We can help spread the word over your own social media and show just how important our community is to our lives.

We are asking you to pledge to spend by purchasing a gift voucher through Pixie today at your favourite Bath Independents.

100% of every pound spent (minus Loyalty %) will be received by your chosen independent with vouchers available in various denominations.

Vouchers available from:

The Abbey Hotel Kitchen


The Colombian Coffee

Cortado Cafe

Cascara Cafe

Time Out

Taylor's Bagels

Ichiros Art Cafe

Sugarcane Studio

Tapas Valencia

Oh Crepe

Nibbles Cheese

Tunley Farm Butchers

The Bath Sweet Shop

Scoop Wholefoods

Wolf Wine

Grace and Ted

Breathe Out Now

At Sixes and Sevens

Meticulous Ink

The Soul Spa

Sacco Beauty


Giuseppe's of Bath

BA1 Hair

Imperial Tattoo Company

Bath Holistic Massage

The Community Farm Shop


The British CBD Company

Beauty and Restaurants:
*Voucher do not guarantee a booking in December - whilst every effort will be made to accommodate you businesses are operating on a reduced timetable and prioritise on a first come, first served basis.  Please phone well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Over on Instagram we want you to share the love

  1. Choose which local independent(s) you want to support
  2. Buy a voucher(s) with them on Pixie to show your love
  3. Tag 3 friends to #PledgeToSpend

Please feel free to share the images below across socials!

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