Introducing #PixieAppFriday

Let’s all help bring our communities back to life!

Today, we’re excited to announce the first #PixieAppFriday. With lots more Pixie-powered independent businesses set to open their doors over the coming weeks we want to give you the chance to win a share of £500 each week in Pixie Stars to spend across Bath, Frome and Sherborne's independents.

The competition is open across Facebook and Instagram so you have 2 chances to enter!

All you need to do is:

  • As we've launched a new app we need you to set a new password. You can do that here or by downloading the latest version of the app and going through the 'forgot password' process.
  • You can now claim your own unique ⭐️pixietag
  • To claim your #PixieTag navigate to your 'ME' tab in the app and go to settings (in the top right hand corner). In settings you will see a pre-set ⭐️pixietag. Click on that and change it to something unique and save it.
  • Go to our social media channels to find out what you need to do to enter.

Why should I create a ⭐️pixietag?

Well it's a new way for you to tag and show your support for Pixie-powered independents you love on social media. But also it's a quick and easy way to get recognised and rewarded with Pixie Stars as we help kick start our communities back into life.

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