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Toniqlife Fitness Studio

More than just a fitness studio, ToniqLife is about a dedicated, healthier way of living. One that doesn’t just make you look good, but feel good too. With over 11 years experience the team do not believe in a one size fits all model and all clients of ToniqLife can expect a completely personal service. This includes fitness routines, nutritional advice and recommended chiropractic treatments. At ToniqLife the body and the mind are treated as one. A bespoke fitness package is designed for each clients needs creating a personal program to improve toning and fitness, reduce stress, realign the body and set any underlying tensions or injuries at ease. A well-equipped private studio provides space for individual sessions or for groups of up to 4. Many clients start on the 12-week programme but stay for far longer - this isn’t a bootcamp it’s a long-term success plan.
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We personally tailor a plan for each client with a focus on nutrition, exercise and stress management, to attack your health from all angles. When these three areas are targeted together you will feel more benefits than just weight loss!






Bath is a city steeped in history, and its beautiful sandstone buildings exude grandeur reminiscent of its regal past. Take a walk along the Royal Crescent, a tour of the Roman Baths or a trip to the Abbey and you quickly understand why this city is one of the most the photographed, and visited, in England. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the high street and its famous attractions are all Bath has to offer. For take a trip down any of the cobbled side streets and you’ll be lead to the beating heart of the city, the local businesses and their owners. From Walcot Street in the north to Queen’s Square in the West and Henrietta Road in the east, Bath residents are fierce in their support for independent businesses. And with good reason, for this city is packed with them. From fine dining, to boutique stays and contemporary cafes, take a look through our independent listings and uncover the real beauty of Bath.
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