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The Circus

Take a walk down the cobbled streets of the historical town of Sherborne and discover the star-adorned boutique that is The Circus. Owned by Samantha Dodge, whose family have made their home here for over 200 years, opening the boutique in Sherborne has created an even more extensive history for the family within the town. Like its namesake, stepping into The Circus is a magical experience where you are surrounded by ever-changing, unusual treasures, just waiting to be purchased. From clothing and beauty to books and hand-made ceramics, a precious gift for someone or maybe even for yourself, The Circus has anything you could possibly desire. Samantha has created an experience that can’t be missed, and her customers agree. It’s fun and cheerful inside and out, a truly unique store, and after one visit you’ll want to go back again and again.
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“Try on the clothes, smell the perfumes and enjoy The Circus world.”

Samantha Dodge




The heart of Sherborne lies in the interesting character in each of it's buildings and the individual characters inside every independent shop and cafe. With the oldest building, The Abbey, dating back as far as AD705, English writers throughout the ages have praised the town's inescapable beauty. Following the footsteps of poets and novelists such as Thomas Hardy and John le Carré, you can still enjoy and discover pockets of architectural beauty from centuries past with a walk through those quaint and rambling streets. Boasting traditional charm and a friendly village atmosphere, the local independents are a winner when it comes to getting a feel for the Sherborne community.
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