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Rossiters Of Bath

Rossiters is an award-winning, design-led department store set over four floors of a beautiful historic building right in the heart of Georgian Bath’s shopping district. A ground floor kitchen department is surrounded by a labyrinth of rooms, which explode with a luxurious selection of homewares, toiletries, gadget and gifts. So much more than just a shopping experience, Rossiters is an Aladdin’s Cave of interconnecting stairways and wood-panelled rooms that provide the perfect backdrop to its carefully curated contents. Customer service and product knowledge are second to none, and the interiors department even offer a full design service with access to an extensive range of fabrics and wallpapers. This is less a store, more a destination, so when you plan your visit make sure you leave plenty of time to get lost in the delicious interior.
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Rossiters perfectly combines the avant guarde with classical style in all its departments and we have a strong focus on up and coming British-based designers and manufacturers





Bath is a city steeped in history, and its beautiful sandstone buildings exude grandeur reminiscent of its regal past. Take a walk along the Royal Crescent, a tour of the Roman Baths or a trip to the Abbey and you quickly understand why this city is one of the most the photographed, and visited, in England. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the high street and its famous attractions are all Bath has to offer. For take a trip down any of the cobbled side streets and you’ll be lead to the beating heart of the city, the local businesses and their owners. From Walcot Street in the north to Queen’s Square in the West and Henrietta Road in the east, Bath residents are fierce in their support for independent businesses. And with good reason, for this city is packed with them. From fine dining, to boutique stays and contemporary cafes, take a look through our independent listings and uncover the real beauty of Bath.
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