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Not your average café, Gamespod in beautiful Sherborne has a huge selection of board games available, alongside all the usual tea, coffee and snacks! Inside the café it is warm and cosy, perfect to settle in for a few hours with friends and family and play a game or two! With over 400 games to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice here — ranging from the classics to more unusual games, there is everything from Monopoly (with plenty of fun editions) to Buckaroo to Sushi Go. And of course, as it is a café, Gamespod have a great menu of food and drinks to keep you fuelled and ready for the next round. The perfect spot for any game lover, Gamespod is a fun and unique destination.
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Gamespod is a Board Game Cafe & Licensed Bar. We’re not a café in the regular sense, sure we’ll make you fantastic drinks and serve up lots of tasty snacks, but what we also have is a huge selection of board games and play activities.




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The heart of Sherborne lies in the interesting character in each of it's buildings and the individual characters inside every independent shop and cafe. With the oldest building, The Abbey, dating back as far as AD705, English writers throughout the ages have praised the town's inescapable beauty. Following the footsteps of poets and novelists such as Thomas Hardy and John le Carré, you can still enjoy and discover pockets of architectural beauty from centuries past with a walk through those quaint and rambling streets. Boasting traditional charm and a friendly village atmosphere, the local independents are a winner when it comes to getting a feel for the Sherborne community.
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