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At DermaGuru, located in the very heart of Bath on Gay Street, high-quality experience is always guaranteed. With a wealth of knowledge, you’re sure to get the best treatment for your needs. The DermaGuru Clinic was inspired by the owner's own teenage problems with acne, exploring skincare to address his skin and boost his confidence. This exploration and passion then grew from working with various high-end brands and moving into the world of Advanced Dermatological Skincare. Offering Advanced Dermatological Skincare, body or beauty, there's a wealth of services to be explored. Maybe a sebum balancing facial that gives a mattified, even complexion is the one for you today? Or, perhaps Advanced Dermatological Resurfacing is what you need, helping to treat a variety of concerns including acne, hyperpigmentation or revitalisation of fine lines? If you’re looking to enhance your natural beauty, then why not treat yourself to a natural set of lash extensions to reveal a bolder look? Whatever treatment you decide on, you’re sure to leave DermaGuru's Clinic feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful. What more Could you ask?
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I work with every one of my clients to achieve the best possible results for them, and my clinic is open to all. Let my passion of skin become your new passion and feel confident and secure in your own skincare journey!

Robert Haworth-Dunne





Bath is a city steeped in history, and its beautiful sandstone buildings exude grandeur reminiscent of its regal past. Take a walk along the Royal Crescent, a tour of the Roman Baths or a trip to the Abbey and you quickly understand why this city is one of the most the photographed, and visited, in England. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the high street and its famous attractions are all Bath has to offer. For take a trip down any of the cobbled side streets and you’ll be lead to the beating heart of the city, the local businesses and their owners. From Walcot Street in the north to Queen’s Square in the West and Henrietta Road in the east, Bath residents are fierce in their support for independent businesses. And with good reason, for this city is packed with them. From fine dining, to boutique stays and contemporary cafes, take a look through our independent listings and uncover the real beauty of Bath.
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