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Ashley Cross


A family run business in every sense (although Dad, Chris might feel he does all the work) as well as a mecca for the community to come together and catch up over a beer or a coffee. Based on a Aussie concept of combining a surf, skate shop with a coffee offering, presented within a fantastic designed setting this is a very unique place. So even if you"re just a wannabe surfer you'll still be welcome for a gander and a chat over a coffee or a beer.
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We wanted to combine a great offering of products with a relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop serving fresh local produce.





Ashley Cross

The Cross, as it’s known to the locals, is located in close proximity to Bournemouth and Poole; it’s a bustling little area a short drive from the glorious surrounding beaches. Art galleries, boutiques and coffee shops are a pleasure to browse around on a lazy afternoon, for locals and visitors alike. The green is an integral part of the community and showcases events such as ‘Party in the Park’ a mini festival of music supporting the local bars and businesses. The village is also home to a lively nightlife boasting great restaurants and bars, where everybody knows your name.
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