Pixie has a new attitude…

Pixie has a new attitude…

29th June 2018


A new face for Pixie but the same heart

Pixie is the product of four years worth of work by a very dedicated and passionate team. During that time we’ve learnt a lot about communities, independent businesses and people (including ourselves!). 
Working on the ground directly with independent businesses we’ve seen for ourselves just how important they are for finding the empathy, authenticity, variety and common ground that so often feel like they’re missing in today’s world.

”Our mission is to create a more local world”

We want to see small replace scale, slow replace fast and creativity replace conformity. And so we found ourselves at a crossroads in our journey, asking: how do we want Pixie to be recognised?
To take the next steps towards our vision of a more local world, we realised we needed to forge our own path. 
We want to create a symbol for people to recognise us as a growing community that provokes and challenges the status quo. 

We want to become synonymous with quality, authenticity and independence. 
Most importantly, we want to be provocative and bold in our statement that local independents are at the heart of our communities and fundamental to the health and vibrancy of our society.
With that in mind we would like to introduce you to a new look Pixie which we believe represents where we are today and where we are going as a community.