Feel well in February – Q&A with The Juice Collective founder Emma Frampton

Feel well in February – Q&A with The Juice Collective founder Emma Frampton

26th January 2017

Emma Frampton runs The Juice Collective, a bath based indie that sells 100% raw and organic cold pressed juices. We were lucky enough to catch an hour of her time and chat with her about the story behind her brand, the benefits of cold pressed juice, and what it’s really like to run your own business in Bath.

Hi Emma, what’s the story behind The Juice Collective?

Coming from a background in manufacturing I grew up in the soft drinks industry at a business started by my grandfather just outside of Bath. I first discovered cold pressed juice in London and have loved it ever since, mainly because of its health benefits and flavour. After moving to Bath and settling here to call it home I noticed a gap in the market for this type of product. I was ordering packs from London, which was becoming increasingly expensive and it seemed crazy that I couldn’t just pick one up in Bath like I could a smoothie or a coffee. It was when I met my business partner and great friend that I finally got the confidence I needed to begin the journey of running my own business. 

So, what actually are the benefits of cold pressed juice?

Our raw, organic produce is pressed under a several tonne hydraulic press to extract all of the juice but none of the pulp, pips, skins or rinds. This is the smoothest, purest way to enjoy fruit and vegetable juices as part of a balanced, healthy diet. No heat or oxygen is used throughout this process meaning that none of the nutrients from the fruit and vegetables are compromised at all, and quickly absorbed into our systems. 

From your range right now, what’s your favourite juice?

Red01 – This recipe is full of beetroot, which encourages good blood flow and a healthy heart. It also contains ginger, which is anti-inflammatory so this juice is perfect for these cold days and also any January blues. 

What was your experience of starting a business in Bath?

Undoubtedly positive. Obviously, there are always going to be highs and lows when you start a business but the Bath independent scene has been stand-out amazing. Bath is a hub of entrepreneurial talent; people really support each other and want to see new businesses succeed. As independent business owners we have a community, we recommend each other’s products and support each other. I’m inspired by what other people in the city are doing, it makes me want to do better myself. And certainly keeps you going when things get tough.

Talking of indies, where else would you recommend in Bath?

Cold pressed juice is all about health. We want to help people find balance between hectic, fun, busy lives and the ever growing need to slow down, reconnect with the basics and most importantly live well and look after ourselves. Other businesses in Bath that help me to do just that are ToniqLife who I used for personal training sessions three times a week, Bath Yummy Mummies who have a wonderful reputation and Port De Barre, who recently relocated from London to Bath and run an awesome class at The Apthorp Centre.

Wellbeing is obviously important to you, what do you do to switch off?

I’m really lucky to live in central Bath, just a stone’s throw from all the beautiful parks, shops and cafes. My favourite time to experience the city is in the morning when the streets are quiet and there aren’t many people around. My ideal day would start early, I’d get coffee from Boston Tea Party or Society Cafe just as it opens then walk along the canal with my dog Nora up onto the skyline where you get the most breath-taking views of the city. I’d then slowly wander down and end up meeting friends at either The Marlborough Tavern or The Chequers for a cosy afternoon spent round a table, eating a roast and putting the world to rights. 

If you’re interested to know more about The Juice Collective visit their website at www.thejuicecollective.co.uk.