Pixie Story – The Wild Food Cafe, NeAl’s Yard

Pixie Story – The Wild Food Cafe, NeAl’s Yard

11th January 2016

We see the Wild Food Café as an oasis in the centre of London, a place where people can meet, eat, have fun and generally feel inspired, nourished, alive and happy. We started four years ago with this vision and it’s still what gets us out of bed every morning and drives us forward everyday!

Why? Well because we believe that goodness starts from within. The Wild Food Cafe embodies a world in which a feeling of being alive and nourishing your body isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Food is at the centre of what we do, our plant-based dishes are creative and colourful, our menu is raw-centric and as many ingredients as possible are sourced from independent, local suppliers. To us though our café is about more than just what we serve on customers’ plates.  The way our food is prepared and served, who we choose to join our team, the bright colours we paint our shutters – it’s all geared to perpetuate a sense of happiness and love; we want to make people feel good. 

And that was always our plan, to run a business that makes a positive difference to the world. Our backgrounds are both in food but we’ve always been interested in holistic living. Joel has worked in a number of raw food and wellbeing fields and my political studies created a burning desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Since opening we’ve spread our message wide and far. Every time a new customer comes in or a regular returns, we feel genuinely proud of what we’ve created. But we wouldn’t have been able to do it if it weren’t for the amazing community we’re surrounded by. Since the 1970’s Neal’s Yard has always been filled with small, independent, visionary businesses. From 26 Grains, to SaladPride, to Homeslice, we all share the same holistic ethos of quality, creativity and happiness and I like to think that together we’ve created an environment that people want to come to. On walking into the courtyard you’ll discover a buzz of people around the central benches browsing, eating and smiling and if you look up you’ll spot our colourful exterior above Neal’s Yard Remedies. In the summer we throw open our shutters and you’ll hear our music and laughter spilling from the open windows. It’s a magical place and hopefully we’ll see you there soon!

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