Pixie Thoughts – discovery

Pixie Thoughts – discovery

5th August 2015

So what does Pixie do?

We know it is a tool for showcasing independent businesses and bringing them to the user attention, but how does it go about this? Well, one way (which is quite a key feature) is ‘discovery’.

We are all amateur explorers, whether it be out in the Great British countryside, roaming the far reaches of the globe during our ‘gap yars’ or simply rambling our local communities for hidden gems. There is an innate desire in us all to seek out and occupy ourselves with new experiences; something uniquely satisfying in the sense of achievement associated with carving our own path. 

One thing that Pixie endeavours to facilitate is just that. Unearth your new favourite Italian restaurant, neighbourhood grocer or independent cinema*.

Hit the “Discover” icon on the menu bar (not so hard that your phone falls from your hand to the floor) or simply browse the list of aspirational businesses on the home screen to see what you can find that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider.

There is a wealth of new experiences in your community. Explore.

*I know what you’re thinking: “Independent cinema? Do they even exist? I can only think of Odeon, Empire, Cineworld…” Well, I can tell you, they exist. Jump on the app and discover if there is one near you.