Pixie Review – Dorset Food & Arts Festival

Pixie Review – Dorset Food & Arts Festival

14th August 2015

Poundbury is a relatively new town as English towns go; a Prince Of Wales initiative launched in 1993 in fact. Despite it lacking in years what is really great to see in this newly constructed coastal village is the ample community spirit shining through, made all the more evident by it’s thriving food and arts festival. With so many producers, shop owners and local people from the community coming together to put on a relaxed fun day of entertainment together, it is obvious to see why the next in line to the British throne has backed Poundbury’s creation.

Cooking demos by TV chef Lesley Waters, Chef Luke Stuart director of the White Pepper Cookery School and many locally renowned chefs including Russel Brown, Mark Hartstone and Brett Sutton, all kept us entertained at one end of the festival whilst down the other end a unique selection of local bands played throughout the day. Kids could get glitter tattoos, learn how to pot their own plants and roast marshmallows on the barbecue, whilst the adults could sample locally produced cheeses & chutneys, buy locally caught fish, locally grown vegetables or, for those with a sweet tooth, buy any number of amazing homemade pastries and chocolates from fabulous artisan Dorset producers. Added to this: handmade jewellery, gifts, paintings, and an evening jazz festival the only tough decision I had to make all day was which Dorset cider I should have with my fabulous Brace Of Butchers burger.

Photography by Lara Jane-Thorpe  

Catch up with the latest info in the Dorset food and arts festival at http://www.dorsetfestival.org/

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