Pixie Thoughts – Digital vs Analog

Pixie Thoughts – Digital vs Analog

5th July 2015

Our lives have become digital, our friends now virtual and everything you need to know or think you want is just a click away. And yet as humans we perceive the world in analog. That is to say everything we see and hear is a continuous transmission of information to our senses, which as it so happens is more accurate than digital.

Experiencing the world through ones and zeros (computers, smartphones) or second hand information (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) shouldn’t be enough for us. If we want authenticity we have to seek it. We have to be willing to explore the analog world to fully discover ourselves and others, which inevitably leads us to those serendipitous moments where friends, lovers and memories are made. 

And although with Pixie we’re in the midst of creating a digital community, the intention has always been and will continue for her to be a gateway back into this analog world I speak so fondly about. 

This is where you will find me exploring, experiencing and hoping that one day, we might bump into each other.