What Is Pixie?

What Is Pixie?

3rd July 2015

I used to be all over that ‘four squares’ app. Then the one with the bumble bee on it because they became some strange sort of duo. They served me well for a time, living in London, finding new and exciting places to go, trying to become the Boris Johnson of as many coffee and burger joints as I could. I had a strong collection of badges representing the money I had shelled out and the edited version of the life I was living.

Since those days I have been made aware of – and even tried out – a couple of alternative discovery mobile applications. There is the one about ‘different kinds of ice’, one that ‘uncovers eateries’ one that ‘advises your trips’. They all do the same kind of thing in their own way. Why use the ice one? Simple. It tells you about interesting places for drinking and cocktail experiences in London. Why use the ‘uncovering’ app? Well, it allows me to search restaurants, find where they are and make a reservation. Handy! Why use the one with ‘four squares’? I’m really not sure anymore…

This brings me rather ramblingly onto Pixie. In it’s own words:

“Pixie is the fastest growing community marketplace for people to explore, discover and experience communities and the independent businesses that make them up – from your mobile or online.”

Pixie is another tool for discovery. Like those that came before, it fundamentally relies on it’s unique selling point to differentiate and perhaps justify why it could be your go-to for finding your next flavour-of-the-month. 

It champions the little guy, raising him or her up on it’s broad green shoulders and parading them about on your shiny screens. Pixie is a shop window for the unseen businesses with an often small but highly focussed offering. The kind of place you may stroll past on a brisk morning, en route to work. It catches your eye, but doesn’t quite do enough to entice you in. You wonder why. But only for a fraction of a second before it becomes lost to history with a string of other colourful options, decorating your path to the safety of a Costa or McDonald’s morning coffee.

Pixie wants you to know who that momentarily tempting but frightfully unknown little cafe is. There is so much to discover within independent businesses, whether it be hand crafted, one-of-a-kind household treasures, gluten-free vegetable cakes or a fruity, rich coffee blend from some unheard-of farming village in Kenya that makes your run-of-the-mill Nescafe Gold Blend taste like fools gold.

It may not get everything right all of the time, but let’s face it…who does? But hey, what’s to lose? If you too are tired of being a slave to the big boys why not download it, give it a go and see who you might unearth?