Pixie Story – glo juice bar, Clapham

Pixie Story – glo juice bar, Clapham

23rd November 2015

I’ve always been self-employed, but I haven’t always run a juice bar. In a previous life I was a dancer, after spending 6 years at stage school on graduating I fell into the world of Irish dancing and for 10 years travelled the world performing various roles in Lord of the Dance, Riverdance and Spirit.

I was young and it was a fun and exciting time. I got to see the world, met some amazing people and only now realise how precious it is to have so little responsibility while gaining so much experience. However, it wasn’t always easy. Being self-employed I had to constantly be thinking about my next job, the theatre is a tough industry and you learn to become independent and very adaptable. When I wasn’t dancing I worked anywhere I could; bars, cafes, restaurants. I know how hard it is and subsequently I’d say 80% of my staff at Glo now are dancers.

Not knowing what your next job is going to be forces you to take opportunities when they arise, and that’s how Glo materialised. I was working on reception at Yogahaven and was called into a meeting and asked if I wanted to interview for the role of manager. During the meeting all I talked about was juicing. I’d be having some digestive problems at the time and had just started a juice detox, drinking a green juice every morning for three weeks. It made such a big difference I couldn’t stop talking about it. I just couldn’t believe how one small change could make me feel a hundred times better. I read and learnt all I could about juicing and juice detoxes and the more I learnt the more convinced I became. At the time my father was very ill, he was too poorly to be helped but I’m convinced that his diet had an effect on his condition and if I’d been able to help him earlier he might have had longer with us.

As it happened Allie and Krystal had been thinking of opening a café and after hearing about my passion for juicing we decided to open Glo together at Yogahaven. It’s been a hard but amazing couple of years and last year I opened a second juice bar at Slice and Cupcake in Parsons Green. I’ve learnt, and am still learning, more than I could have possibly imagined. I’m also probably more stressed than I could have imagined but the stress comes with persuing a passion and that makes it worth it. I really believe in the healing power of juicing and my vision is one day to have a space where I’m able to educate people about juicing and detoxes and facilitate healthy lifestyle changes, at the same time as serving my delicious juices! At the moment though I’m happy where I am, I’m still trying to figure everything out here. Running my own business means I have to make all the decisions myself, but that does also mean I get to make decisions that represent my values and beliefs. I’m committed to helping the environment and as such we don’t print any receipts. If a customer wants a receipt we email it to them.

I believe community is everything; we’re not right on the high street so we rely on our regular customers and also the local businesses to support us. The more variety we encourage and the more we celebrate each other the stronger and more diverse we make our communities. When you think like that suddenly no one’s a competitor, everyone’s a friend, and I think that’s a pretty good way to look at the world.

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